Environmental Responsibility

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We achieve and demonstrate the best environmental performance by empowering our community and controlling the negative impact of our products, activities and services through the following initiatives:

  • Manufacturing products in ways that limit our negative impact on the environment
  • Energy saving through compliance with environmental regulations.
  • Hygiene awareness sessions to employees.

How We Work

We focus on the environmental management plans, pollution prevention & control. Over and above, we proudly apply the Executive Regulations of the Egyptian law 4/1994 (Environment Law).

  • The total pollution resulting from all the establishments and activities lies within the permitted limits specified by the law.
  • Air pollutants is ensured not to exceed the maximum permissible levels specified in the Executive Regulations of the law.
  • All the machines, engines or vehicles exhaust emissions never exceed the limits specified by the Executive Regulations of the law.
  • Limits of sound intensity produced while performing the production or other activities and using equipment lies within the permissible limits specified by the law.
  • 90 dB is the maximum allowed sound level produced during a daily work shift.
  • 60 dB is the maximum allowed sound level in the factory surroundings.
  • Waste management activities is done in especially designated places which must be far from residential, industrial and agricultural areas and waterways.
  • We put much energy into our commitment to provide a healthy and safe workspace for all employees.
  • Filters and vacuums required for good ventilation are installed.
  • All Egyptian Civil Defense approvals and permissions are obtained.